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Murrieta lie detector examination

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lie detector test in Murrieta California

More than
thirty years of
polygraph experience

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lie detector test in Murrieta
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Murrieta lie detector

We have tested
more than
ten thousand

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Valuable information
to read before
hiring an examiner:

There are examiners in
your area with less than five
years of polygraph experience--
but they won't tell you that!

However, our lead examiner has
more than 30 years experience.

polygraph test in Murrieta

Consumer Warning:
If you are going to a
polygraph office to be
tested, do NOT agree
to pay a deposit in
advance. No other
(dentist, doctor etc)
would insult a
customer like that.

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polygraph Murrieta

Available in Murrieta,
but in Los Angeles
County it is only
one hundred and
forty-five dollars

Murreta lie etector examination'
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polygraph exam!

polygraph test in Murrieta

Also can ask for a
Hemet polygraph test

polygraph exam in Murrieta CA

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Murrieta lie detector polygraph


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